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Urge Congress to Continue Unemployment Insurance Before November 30!

Unemployment is at a historic high and jobless workers across the country are doing all they can to keep their families afloat. The unemployment benefits these struggling families receive kept at least 3.3 million Americans, including 1.5 million children, from falling into poverty in 2009 alone.

Yet federal unemployment insurance is set to expire on November 30, putting millions of vulnerable workers and families at risk. If Congress does not act to continue these benefits, both long-term recipients and those who just started receiving benefits will lose their insurance. This means that more than 1 million workers per month will be cut off federal unemployment benefits if Congress does not move to continue benefits by November 30.

The time to act is now with only three to five days of legislative sessions scheduled before November 30. Cutting off unemployment insurance hurts our economic recovery and can have dire effects on families, just as the holiday season approaches.

Congress has never cut off unemployment benefits when the jobless rate was this high. Write your senators today and urge them to act swiftly to continue unemployment insurance until the jobless rate comes down.

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