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In just one month, Southern Sudanese will vote on whether to secede from Sudan and form a new country. Many experts fear that this referendum, part of an historic 2005 peace agreement that ended Sudan’s civil war, may spark renewed large-scale violence. Referendum preparations are underway, as are high-level negotiations between the governments of Sudan and South Sudan on the key flashpoint issues that could spark renewed conflict.

At the same time, the situation remains bleak in Darfur, where reports of increased violence against civilians, a lack of access to many areas for humanitarian aid and peacekeeping forces, and ongoing human rights abuses signal a need for stepped up American efforts to bring peace to the region.

This is why activists across the country are participating in a National Week of Action for Sudan. Sign the petition below and visit Save Darfur to find out how else you can participate. Your voice is needed for Sudan. Now.

Dear President Obama,

I am encouraged by your leadership in Sudan, particularly in the negotiations in Sudan leading up to the referendum on independence for South Sudan. However, additional key actions are needed to ensure peace and safety for all of Sudan. I urge you to include the steps laid out below as part of your strong push to create real peace in Sudan:

1. Make clear that the U.S. will issue swift and severe consequences if any party derails the referendum or instigates mass violence. These consequences should be determined and prepared for in advance, and be coordinated with other international actors.

2. Appoint a senior diplomat for Darfur who can provide additional diplomatic focus to solve the crisis in this troubled region.

3. Ensure flexible funds are available for contingency planning and emergency support; encourage key players in the international community including UN Security Council and European Union member states to make funds available for contingencies. This includes responding quickly to any major displacement within Sudan or refugee spillover into neighboring states.

4. Enhance peacekeeping forces' access and capacity to respond: Support efforts to stop obstruction of UNAMID peacekeepers in Darfur by the regime in Khartoum, and support deployment of additional UNMIS peacekeepers to flashpoint areas.

5. Share information about the organization or perpetration of violence as appropriate with peacekeeping forces and allies. The U.S. should be prepared to shut down military-related communication if necessary to prevent violence.

This petition is no longer active.
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3743 Wed Dec 29 09:17:14 EST 2010 Nell Okie
3742 Mon Dec 27 12:05:29 EST 2010 David Mintz
3741 Mon Dec 27 10:13:36 EST 2010 Anonymous
3740 Sun Dec 26 20:58:51 EST 2010 Anonymous
3739 Fri Dec 24 14:04:58 EST 2010 Janice Gintzler
3738 Fri Dec 24 11:59:24 EST 2010 Robert Jay Ross
3737 Thu Dec 23 18:52:52 EST 2010 eric mayle
3736 Mon Dec 20 18:23:40 EST 2010 Gene Binder
3735 Sat Dec 18 19:48:31 EST 2010 Joel Trupin
3734 Fri Dec 17 18:54:29 EST 2010 Lauren Morrison
3733 Fri Dec 17 10:25:28 EST 2010 Anonymous
3732 Thu Dec 16 21:44:50 EST 2010 Anonymous
3731 Wed Dec 15 23:36:52 EST 2010 Anonymous
3730 Wed Dec 15 23:18:22 EST 2010 Anonymous
3729 Wed Dec 15 19:38:47 EST 2010 Barry Moore
3728 Wed Dec 15 17:59:31 EST 2010 Anonymous
3727 Wed Dec 15 17:36:05 EST 2010 Paul Slovic
3726 Wed Dec 15 17:16:32 EST 2010 Anonymous
3725 Wed Dec 15 16:32:01 EST 2010 Margaret Noyes
3724 Wed Dec 15 16:19:19 EST 2010 Anonymous
3723 Wed Dec 15 16:01:21 EST 2010 Leendert van Hijum
3722 Wed Dec 15 15:45:46 EST 2010 Anonymous
3721 Wed Dec 15 15:18:29 EST 2010 Juan De Luis
3720 Wed Dec 15 14:37:44 EST 2010 Anonymous
3719 Wed Dec 15 14:05:00 EST 2010 Kate Johnson
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