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Urge Your Senators To Reject the House of Representatives' Reckless Cuts

One in seven Americans is living in poverty and one in three Americans is scraping by on low incomes. Services such as childcare, affordable housing, food assistance, and job training are more critical than ever to help families meet basic needs and strive for a better future.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives has passed deep and irresponsible cuts to these exact services in their bill that would fund the remainder of this fiscal year. These proposals would cut over 200,000 children from Head Start and kick 1 million adults out of job training programs at a time when unemployment is still about 9 percent.

Millions of Americans struggling with the effects of the recession, many of whom rely on federal programs to meet basic needs, will take an even bigger hit if the Senate approves these cuts or imposes other substantial structural changes to these programs.

We need to send a strong message to the Senate to resist these cuts and stand strong. We need to tell them that that we cannot balance the budget on the backs of those hurting the most in this recession. It’s time to stand up for the gains we’ve made thus far and defeat damaging proposals. Write your senators today and urge them to fight cuts that harm low-income Americans and undermine economic recovery.

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