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President Obama: Follow the Roadmap for Darfur

Following the peaceful referendum in South Sudan last month, we're going to have to fight harder than ever to keep Sudan in the spotlight. Right now, Darfur is at a critical juncture. With one failed peace process coming to an end, and violence on the rise, the international community is on the wrong path yet again to bring real, lasting peace to the Darfuris, who have already endured so much.

Help us ask President Obama to follow the Roadmap for Peace in Darfur, as laid out by Sudan Now partner organizations, led by the Enough Project. Sign below and tell your friends -- Darfur needs you!

Dear President Obama,

With the current Darfur peace process coming to an end, and violence in Darfur on the rise, it is time for a more robust, comprehensive, and coordinated peace process for Darfur. With senior level attention as we saw in advance of the referendum, the U.S. should lead in redesigning and guiding a meaningful peace process.

I am writing to express my support for the Sudan Now Roadmap for Peace in Darfur, and urge you to follow the guidance laid out in this document, including:

1. Insist on a peace process outside of Sudan

Recent escalating attacks on civilians by the Sudanese armed forces and rebel groups, ongoing restrictions on humanitarian and peacekeeper access, and the detention and repression of human rights activists and political protesters make Sudan an impossible venue for such critical negotiations. Instead, we ask that you pursue high-level political negotiations between the various parties to the conflict, including the government of Sudan, the Justice and Equality Movement, the Sudan Liberation Army – Abdel Wahid, the Sudan Liberation Army – Minni Minawi, and the Liberty and Justice Movement, outside of Sudan, in a neutral location agreeable to all parties.

2. Ensure Darfuri voices are an integral part of this process

The US should push for civil society engagement inside Darfur once certain benchmarks are met, and should help devise a mechanism to ensure that their voices, as well as the voices of Darfuris outside of Sudan, are part of the peace process.

3. Conduct robust diplomacy in support of human and civil rights

The U.S. should lead high-level coordinated diplomatic engagement to push for a democratic transition in both North and South Sudan and ensure basic human and civil rights are upheld in the region.

Furthermore, as the United States begins the process of reviewing Sudan’s State Sponsor of Terrorism designation, it is important to emphasize that the overall process of normalization of relations, including the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Sudan, must be dependent upon reaching a comprehensive Darfur peace agreement with subsequent verifiable improvements of conditions on the ground in Darfur.

Thank you for your commitment to bringing lasting peace to Darfur and all of Sudan.

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