President Obama: Impose Immediate and Meaningful Consequences on Sudan

Satellite image of mass graves in South Kordofan

Crime Scene: Evidence of Mass Graves in Kadugli

Eyewitness reports, corroborated by our Satellite Sentinel Project imagery, offer evidence of mass graves in Kadugli in Sudan's conflict-torn region of South Kordofan. The witness statements and imagery also provide further evidence of the systematic mass killing of civilians by the Government of Sudan.

We can't stand idly by as the mountains of evidence grow ever higher, and as cries from civilians on the ground grow louder. The time has come to stand together and demand a heavy cost for these vicious crimes.

Demand that President Obama impose immediate and meaningful consequences on Sudan for these horrific atrocities.

Dear President Obama,

In light of mounting evidence of ethnic cleansing and mass atrocities in South Kordofan, including evidence of mass graves discovered in Kadugli, Sudan, I am writing to demand that you impose immediate and meaningful consequences on the Government of Sudan.


  • • Prioritize protecting millions of innocent Sudanese with robust action that ends bombing of civilian populations.

  • • Investigate, hold accountable, and impose sanctions against any individual or entity responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Republic of Sudan or Republic of South Sudan, specifically targeting Sudanese government officals and businesses controlled by the regime for additional sanctions.

  • • Establish a cross-border humanitarian aid operation to prevent famine in the Nuba mountains, with or without the acquiescence of the Khartoum government.

  • • Dispatch a senior Obama administration official to Beijing and to engage China to work on joint diplomacy in support of a peace deal and develop an understanding of the need for both carrots and sticks to leverage that agreement, including economic isolation and an international arms embargo.

  • • Push for an independent U.N. Human Rights Council investigation into violence in Abyei and South Kordofan with possible referral to the International Criminal Court where cases of war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide are identified.

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