Take Action—Clean Up the Energy Industry

A dirty playground in foreground with a coal power plant behind

For the first time in history, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to limit carbon dioxide pollution from new power plants—and you can help make it happen.

Power plants dump more than two billion tons of dangerous carbon and other toxic pollutants into the air each year. Carbon pollution fuels global climate change which increases the number of bad air days, resulting in more asthma attacks, more heat-related deaths, respiratory complications, and other threats. That’s why the American Lung Association and doctors and nurses across the country are already voicing their support.

On the other side—Corporate polluters are spending millions of dollars on lobbyists and ad campaigns to block these new standards.

We need your voice and support! Send a powerful message that it's time to protect the health of our friends and family, not the bottom line of big polluters. Be part of a historic moment: join with hundreds of thousands of Americans to support limits on carbon pollution from power plants. The public commenting period began on April 13th, so make your voice heard now.

We have provided some basic text for your message to EPA. We encourage you to personalize it by adding specifics to your message. For instance:

  • Mention anyone you know who suffers from respiratory or other similar illnesses
  • Cite a local coal fired power plant with significant pollution
  • Refer to a local renewable electricity project that would become more viable if dirty power plants had to clean up
Environmental Protection Agency

Fax:(202) 566-9744

You can learn more about the public commenting process at Regulations.gov or EPA.gov/oar/docket.html.

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