Stand up for programs meeting human needs!

Members of Congress will face some big choices in the coming months.

With the expiration of tax cuts for the wealthy set to expire at the end of this year, members of Congress have an opportunity to restore tax fairness to our nation, so we can pay down our debt and invest in our shared prosperity—rather than give more to those who need it the least.

Members of Congress also have an opportunity to stand up for programs aiding the most vulnerable. Without congressional action before the end of the year, we’ll see automatic, across-the-board cuts to the area of the budget that funds essential programs like nutrition assistance for low-income expectant mothers and infants, early education opportunities for at-risk children, and more. 

Will Congress make damaging cuts to programs helping low- and moderate-income Americans? Will they prevent cuts to these vital services by asking the wealthiest 2 percent to pay their fair share in taxes? Will they funnel even more of our taxpayer dollars to defense rather than to human needs, where investment is desperately needed? 

If you’re concerned about promoting the common good, protecting the vulnerable, and rebuilding the economy, speak out!  Weigh in now with your members of Congress, urge them to stand up for programs meeting human needs this fall and beyond. If you represent an organization, show your support by signing this letter from the Coalition on Human Needs.

Thanks to the Coalition on Human Needs for providing the basis of this alert.