Congratulate New Secretary of State John Kerry, and Call for Immediate U.S. Action on Sudan

Senator John Kerry assumes his role as Secretary of State at a critical moment.  Dissidents from around Sudan are demanding a change in government, while the country’s military continues to violently target civilian populations and deny the free flow of desperately needed humanitarian aid. Secretary of State Kerry must act now.  

Take action now: Send a message to Secretary of State Kerry. Congratulate him on his recent appointment, and tell him to use his new position to take a holistic approach to the multiple conflicts in Sudan.     

Secretary Kerry,

Congratulations on your appointment as Secretary of State. I appreciated your positive efforts to address the ongoing conflicts in Sudan during your years of service in the U.S. Senate. As Secretary of State, I hope you stay committed to these issues.

In your confirmation hearing, you called the humanitarian crisis in conflict-affected areas of Sudan (namely South Korfodan and Blue Nile) a “human tragedy.” We need to do more for the people in areas suffering from the Sudanese government’s indiscriminate bombings and starvation warfare. Deepening U.S. engagement with, and expanding support for, civil society and opposition groups working for democratic change within Sudan are the best hope for altering Khartoum’s calculations and laying the foundation for future peace and democracy.

For months, peaceful protesters have been taking to the streets across the Sudan and calling for change. Rebel movements recently united to form the Sudan Revolutionary Front and then joined with traditional opposition parties and civil society under the umbrella of the “New Dawn Charter.” The international community has urged Sudanese people to articulate an alternate vision forward for years. Now that they have done so, we should build on this opportunity. Our new diplomatic approach should bolster these groups’ ability to politically challenge the regime’s rule, help prepare for a peaceful transition to democracy, and create leverage to help the U.S. government press for peace.

Your unique history and experience can enhance the quality and depth of U.S. diplomacy in pursuit of lasting peace between the Sudans, and in support of comprehensive peace that addresses all marginalized regions. Unless the dynamic within the Khartoum regime and at the negotiating table changes, there is little hope for success among existing efforts.

Together, you and the new Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan should ensure that the U.S. government financially and diplomatically supports Sudanese groups promoting democratic transformation, and guarantee that future U.S. engagement does not treat regional conflicts in Sudan in isolation of one another.

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