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Demand a budget plan that promotes stability and protects the most vulnerable!

In late May the Senate took an important step in standing up for middle- and working-class families by voting against the Republican budget proposal, a draconian plan that sought to strip underserved communities of critical resources while providing millions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

Though the Senate’s vote was a step in the right direction, we realize there is still much work to be done. Americans deserve a budget plan that balances the budget responsibility without drastic cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and other vital programs and safety nets serving families, children, and the most vulnerable populations.

Over the next few weeks, senators and representatives will be home for their in-district work periods. During this time, be sure to call or visit their offices to demand a budget plan that follows these basic principles:

  • Reject global federal spending caps or caps on programs that meet critical needs of low- and moderate-income people and provide vital economic security for millions of Americans.
  • Reject any effort to impose an amendment to the Constitution that would require a balanced budget every year, regardless of the state of the economy.
  • The burden of deficit reduction must not be shouldered by vulnerable communities and the poor.
  • Protect investments such as public infrastructure, education, and job training that are vital to our nation’s economic advancement.

With so much at stake, it is important that senators and members of Congress hear from you. Call or visit them over the next few weeks and demand a budget plan that promotes stability and protects the most vulnerable.