Protect Our Right to Vote

25 major corporations are on the advisory board of the American Legislative Exchange Council, which crafted a “Voter ID” law that makes it harder for people, especially young people, low-income people, people of color, the disabled, and older Americans to vote. Stand up and support the right to vote by signing onto the petition asking these companies to oppose voter suppression measures such as “Voter ID” laws and to support voting for all our citizens.

Sign the petition below, and we will deliver it the to major corporations.

Voting is a foundation of democracy. All citizens, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or economic background, who are eligible to vote should be able to vote unimpeded. I oppose measures that suppress voting or infringe on the ability of people to vote, including “Voter ID” proposals. I ask your company to also oppose these measures and to pledge to take concrete steps that encourage and increase civic participation and voting for all.
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