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Hey Washington: End Corporate Welfare! NOW.

Why are we giving BILLIONS in taxpayer subsidies and write-offs to oil executives and hedge fund managers? 

Across America, thousands of teachers are being laid off, programs to help feed needy children have been abandoned, and Social Security is under attack. We’re told these cuts are the only way to deal with budget shortfalls. Well, it’s time to fight back and set the record straight. America's richest corporations are dodging billions in taxes they owe.

It's time for Washington to End Corporate Welfare. NOW.

Amidst the debate over the federal budget, we're launching an innovative grassroots campaign to tell Congress to stop diverting money from crucial programs to line the pockets of the corporate fat cats who got us into this crisis.

Join us!

We're forming a citizen network of community organizers and social media-savvy activists to take on the special interests and hold power accountable through both online campaigns and offline actions. The clock is ticking and we need you!

Dear Congress,

All around the country, conservative lawmakers continue to cut services and investments in Main Street America, claiming that these steps are necessary to close budget deficits. At the same time, major corporations and wealthy individuals continue to benefit from special tax breaks and loopholes that allow them to get away with paying little to nothing in taxes. In fact, earlier this year every single Republican in the House of Representatives voted against cutting subsidies for the big oil industry.

We've had enough. End Corporate Welfare. NOW.

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