Tell Congress to Save Pell

Congress just doesn’t seem to be listening. With the Occupy movements around the country, young people have garnered the attention of the national media and people are finally talking more about the need to make college affordable and accessible for every American. But Republican leaders in the House have made it clear that they have different priorities—and at the top of their list is cutting Pell Grants.

Pell Grants have been helping low-income students afford college for decades, but the House Appropriations Committee is proposing $3.6 billion in cuts that would eliminate Pell Grants for as many as 1 million college students and reducing the amount received by millions more.

But we need your help to save Pell Grants and keep the dream of a college education alive for every interested American. Send a message to your member of Congress today, asking him or her to stand up for the Pell Grant.

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