Tell Congress: Jobless workers are not political pawns!

Thanks to your calls, Congress passed a two-month extension of emergency unemployment benefits and the payroll tax cut in December. This vital action ensured that jobless workers were able to continue receiving this vital lifeline and that working families could keep an additional $40 on average per paycheck.

This extension expires at the end of February, and policymakers are already working to negotiate a deal that would continue both of these key provisions for the rest of the calendar year. Should Congress fail to continue these important policies, millions of Americans will be at risk of losing benefits, subjecting them to potential financial instability. Families will be unable to pay their bills and local businesses will lose customers and shed jobs, burdening communities that are struggling in tough economic times.

Many policymakers recognize that we need to continue both emergency unemployment benefits and the payroll tax cut. But they don’t agree on is how to do it. Conservatives in Congress have decided to use jobless workers as pawns to extract ideological concessions in exchange for continuing both programs.

Take a moment today to tell your member of Congress that jobless workers are not political pawns. Call now using this toll-free number: (888) 245-3381 or enter your zip code below for a draft email you can personalize before sending to your members of Congress.

Let them know that this important legislation should not include new restrictions that subject Americans struggling with unemployment to humiliating and costly drug tests. Tell them that instituting new requirements such as mandatory GEDs as a prerequisite to receive benefits are onerous and unfairly target workers with little education. Remind them that asking some of our most vulnerable low-income immigrant families to bear the brunt of the cost of this extension is unfair and wrong.

This is not the time to play political chess. With so many people living in poverty and shouldering the burden of unemployment, we can’t afford to delay this important extension.

Contact your member of Congress and urge them to pass legislation extending unemployment insurance and the payroll tax cut without onerous restrictions today!