Tell Congress what you think about their recent vote on unemployment insurance!

We did it! Thanks to your calls and emails, Congress passed a much-needed continuation of unemployment insurance benefits and the payroll tax cut through the end of this year. As a result millions of working families will be able to keep an additional $40 on average per paycheck, and jobless workers will be able to provide for their families and pay their bills while they look for work. Conservatives still succeeded in cutting a few weeks of benefits off the unemployment insurance program, which will hurt the long-term unemployed as well as the economy. But overall this was an important victory for low-income families, the long-term unemployed, and our economic recovery.

Your advocacy made the difference. Your work means that low-income immigrant families won’t have to lose their child tax credit to pay for this vital extension. Jobless workers struggling to make ends meet won’t be penalized for having little education or be subjected to humiliating and costly drug tests. Our economy will continue to benefit from increased demand as families purchase goods and services from local businesses with their unemployment insurance benefits and payroll tax cut.

We want to make sure our leaders in Congress know that standing up for policies that create jobs and cut poverty pays off. Please take a moment to reach out to your members of Congress today. You can thank them for protecting jobless workers and the paychecks of millions of American workers or express your disappointment if they failed to support this important extension.

By entering your zip code in the field below, you’ll be able to access editable letters to send to your members of Congress depending on how they voted. If your member voted in support of the extension, you’ll see the letter thanking them for their support. If your member did not support the extension, you’ll see the letter expressing disappointment in their vote.

Thank you for standing up for jobless workers, low-income families and children, and our economic recovery.