The Most 'Insanely Great'—But Missing—iPad Feature Ever

Tell Apple to Help End the War in the Congo
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While we applaud Apple for its innovative accomplishments—both in the world of technological advancements and industry-leading ethical improvements—we encourage them to elevate their performance so that other companies will soon follow their example. We call on Apple to help stop a war in Africa by sourcing confict-free minerals from eastern Congo.

Apple should cement its reputation as an industry leader by pushing for even greater reform and accountability. Apple should start at the source and reform its mineral supply chain by certifying that their minerals come from conflict-free mines in eastern Congo, instead of simply staying out of Congo.

By using certified clean minerals from eastern Congo, Apple can simultaneously help cut off funds fueling a deadly war that has killed nearly 6 million people and help the people of Congo recover from it.

Please sign our petition calling on Apple to take this important, life-saving action.