Tell Your Representative: Vote NO on the House Republican Budget!

The House Budget Committee, chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), recently passed their budget for the next fiscal year which begins in October. The budget can be summed up in one sentence: It proposes to deeply cut services that help struggling families pay their bills and put food on the table while giving millionaires and corporations a blank check.

We must be clear—the next budget is America’s budget, and it is about defining our priorities.

The priorities of the House Republicans are clear. Instead of investing in effective programs that help strengthen the middle class, cut poverty, and boost our economic recovery, the House Republicans cut the safety net deeply in order to finance tax breaks for millionaires. And if that isn’t enough, the House Republican proposal violates last year’s bipartisan agreement on annual spending levels as they propose to continue funneling millions to the bloated defense budget instead of investing in veterans and jobs here at home.

The House Republican budget will push millions more Americans into poverty, and put a large number of low-income children, elderly, and people with disabilities at risk. It would gut Medicare and Medicaid and call for massive cuts to food assistance. In fact, the House Republican budget would cut $133.5 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/food stamps program over 10 years—a $13.4 billion cut per year beginning in October—which would result in 8.2 billion meals lost each year and 184,000 jobs lost. To see how many jobs and meals would be lost in your state due to these cuts, click here.

Let’s make it clear that we will not stand for this. Sustaining our country’s economic recovery and investment in the future is only possible if we continue to support low-income Americans and the programs that serve them.

Contact your member of Congress today and tell them to vote NO on the House Republican budget.