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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Help arrest “The Terminator” and be a leader for peace in Congo

Bosco Ntaganda, a.k.a. “The Terminator,” is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Bosco uses child soldiers, intimidation, rape, and murder against the Congolese population while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from the illegal trade in Congo’s conflict minerals. Even worse? He’s getting away with it.

Sign the letter below to join over 140 Congolese, European, and U.S. civil society organizations in calling on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to help arrest “The Terminator.”

By adding your name, you will ask Hillary Clinton to make the U.S. a leader in the creation of a conflict minerals certification system that legitimizes trade, helps communities, and ensures people like “The Terminator” no longer exploit Congo’s people and mineral wealth.

Read the letter undersigned by Congolese and international civil society and human rights organizations to Secretary Clinton.

Learn more about Bosco Ntaganda.

Dear Madam Secretary:

I am writing in support of this letter (http://bit.ly/IMkSm4) sent to you by over 140 Congolese, European, and U.S. civil society organizations urging you to support efforts to arrest ICC-indicted war criminal Bosco Ntaganda and take steps to promote greater justice and accountability in eastern Congo.

Bosco Ntaganda has operated with complete impunity for far too long. He is implicated in serious violations of human rights, including massacres, sexual violence, torture, and the recruitment of child soldiers. Most recently, Bosco’s movements to regroup loyalists in Masisi pose a serious threat to civilian security. The United States must support the governments of Rwanda and the DRC to immediately arrest Bosco Ntaganda and deliver him to justice.

Furthermore, the United Nations Group of Experts has long documented Bosco Ntaganda’s involvement in the illicit trade in conflict minerals, including vast smuggling rings of tin and tantalum and even a private gold smuggling operation run from his backyard.

Congo’s mineral wealth should benefit communities, not line the pockets of war criminals. Your leadership is needed to bring together governments, industry groups, and civil society organizations to promote the development of a comprehensive certification system that ensures legitimate minerals sourcing from eastern Congo.

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2578 Sun Jul 21 08:17:09 EDT 2013 K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY
2577 Wed Jun 12 20:41:48 EDT 2013 K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY
2576 Fri Apr 26 17:17:44 EDT 2013 Natalie Hodapp Mankato, MN
2575 Tue Apr 09 23:17:35 EDT 2013 baidu censor http://www.baidu.com baidu censor, Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people! http://www.baidu.com
2574 Thu Feb 21 20:26:19 EST 2013 Katherine Babbitt
2573 Sat Feb 02 06:46:04 EST 2013 Matt Wilson Plymouth, England, ot
2572 Wed Jan 09 15:16:13 EST 2013 Cara Spence Grass Valley, CA
2571 Thu Jan 03 20:30:11 EST 2013 Karen Campbell Citrus Heights, CA
2570 Thu Jan 03 20:29:47 EST 2013 Karen Campbell Citrus Heights, CA
2569 Thu Jan 03 17:03:08 EST 2013 l gols Natick, MA
2568 Fri Oct 26 01:39:56 EDT 2012 Mary Consolata Namagambe Odense C, Thanks for doing this, we need to end this.
2567 Mon Oct 22 21:00:02 EDT 2012 Rachel Greathouse FREMONT, CA
2566 Sat Oct 20 20:28:08 EDT 2012 Durantula Randella VA
2565 Fri Oct 19 09:49:34 EDT 2012 joe modeste ajax, ON Dear Madam Secretary,
Please use US influence to promote justice in the eastern Congo.
Thank you.
Joe Modeste
2564 Fri Oct 19 09:03:08 EDT 2012 Daniela Mejia FL
2563 Fri Oct 19 03:50:32 EDT 2012 Andrea Dorner Palma de Mallorca, ot
2562 Wed Oct 17 21:44:14 EDT 2012 Vincent Prudente Philadelphia, PA
2561 Wed Oct 17 20:50:32 EDT 2012 Gemma deCarvalho You are in a position where you can make a difference. If you can, you should, so please do, because you are representing us, and without you, we have no voice to stop suffering.
2560 Tue Oct 16 01:08:04 EDT 2012 cam nhung bui portland, OR 201 -->200Mrs. Hillary Clinton, i admire the work you have done as the secretary of state and believe that this is an issue you can resolve. You have done so much and i continue to follow your public work...ti
2559 Mon Oct 15 23:09:23 EDT 2012 Eric Ludwig Lake Park, FL Use your position to bring peace to a suffering people. Please.
2558 Fri Oct 12 05:57:46 EDT 2012 Roman Soiko
2557 Mon Oct 08 21:28:43 EDT 2012 Karen Harter Portland, OR I worked for your Presidential Campaign. I have confidence that you will continue to act powerfully on the behalf of women and girls and men and boys who are devastated by our past lack of action.
2556 Fri Oct 05 18:46:33 EDT 2012 Loretta Doty Tajique, NM Please, Madam Secretary, bring an end to this criminal activity in the Congo. Also, please make the citizens of our great country aware of this horrible situation. I just happened to find out about it More....
2555 Thu Oct 04 23:04:39 EDT 2012 Amanda Massey brooklyn, NY Until we get Peace in Africa, the world is in trouble.
2554 Thu Oct 04 12:12:45 EDT 2012 kingston just missouris, MI im bored
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