Tell Your Representative: Vote NO on the House Republican budget

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) recently introduced the House Republican budget for fiscal year 2014, which begins in October. The budget can be summed up in one sentence: It proposes deep cuts to services that help struggling families pay their bills and put food on the table while further lining the pockets of millionaires and corporations.

We must be clear—low-income Americans should not bear the brunt of deficit reduction to finance more tax breaks for millionaires.

Instead of investing in effective programs that help strengthen the middle class, cut poverty, and boost our economic recovery, the House Republican budget makes deep cuts to the area of the budget helping low-income families put food on the table and make ends meet. The budget continues to shore up the bloated defense budget rather than looking for savings, unlike the budget released by the Senate Budget Committee, chaired by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), which includes sensible reductions in military spending as part of its balanced approach to deficit reduction.

The House Republican budget will push millions more Americans into poverty and put a large number of low-income children, seniors, and people with disabilities at risk. It guts Medicare and Medicaid and calls for massive cuts to food assistance, all in order to protect tax breaks for millionaires and special interests.

Let’s make it clear that we will not stand for this. Sustaining our country’s economic recovery and investment in the future is only possible if we continue to invest in low-income Americans and the programs that serve them.