What the Health Congress?!:

Young People Demand Health Care Reform

Young People are not invincible, we do care about health care, and we want Congress to pass real reform now.

Congress is taking up reform this week and the President has outlined a bold health care plan that our generation overwhelmingly supports. It will lower costs, end denial based on pre-existing conditions, give us choice and portability, and let us stay on our parent's plan until 26.

With young adults making up one third of the uninsured population, we have the most to lose from Congress’ failure to bring real reform to the health insurance system. We are being left out of employer coverage options, kicked off of our parents' insurance plans as we turn 19 or graduate college, and are being crushed by rising health care costs. We can’t afford to be silent and let opponents stand in our way.

We must show our support for President Obama's bold health care plan.

Tell Congress: Stop the partisan bickering, stop the compromises to appease health industry lobbyists, stop falling for the conservative rhetoric, and think about our future. The stability of our health, our economy, and our future hangs in the balance.

Contact your Representative and Senators now and let your voice be heard for bold health care reform.

Please personalize this letter with a quick message about why fixing our health care system is important to you

(i.e. I don’t want to choose between seeing a doctor and paying my rent, I shouldn't have to go uninsured just because I have a pre-existing condition etc.)