DIA Fair Pay Test Campaign

Get Out of the Way of Fair Pay

Tell the Chamber of Commerce what would you do with $223,776!

That is how much Goodyear underpaid Lilly Ledbetter over her career compared to the men doing her same job at the company! Not only is underpaying women unfair, it hurts their familes and it hurts the nation's economy. If women are paid the money the earn in the workplace, we would have fewer families in poverty, fewer families unable to pay their mortgages, and more families with money saved for retirement. In other words, denying women fair pay for the work hurts everyone.

It is time for groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get out of the way of fair pay.

Jon Wheeler


Please scroll to the end of the letter to the Chamber and add what your family would have done with $223,776 of earned pay.  Be specific.  If you needed a larger house and could not afford one, tell the Chamber about that. If you were never able to max out on your retirement savings, tell the Chamber about that. If you could not send your kids to college because you could not afford it, tell them that.  If you would have been able to avoid accumulating more debt than you can handle, tell the Chamber that, too.

Use this email fo the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to tell them how much their opposition to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act hurts you and your family.  Make sure they understand just how it hurts.  Make sure they understand they need to get out of the way of fair pay!