Stand With Students: Make College Affordable

On March 4th students from across the country are participating in a national day of action to protest budget cuts to higher education and tuition hikes, and lobby for increased student aid.

We can no longer afford to ignore our shortcomings in these areas: the average student debt for graduates has reached more than $23,000, and at least 37 states are slashing higher education budgets which will lead to increasing tuition and less student aid. 

State legislatures, college administrators and Congress have a responsibility to the next generation to find solutions to this crisis. The Senate, for example, should pass legislation modeled after the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which would cut wasteful subsidies to student loan companies and use the $87 billion in savings to increase Pell grants, invest in community colleges and minority serving institutions, and fund modernization and repair programs on campuses. 

States must also stop neglecting their historic role in funding public institutions of higher education, and should not be cutting back on student aid programs when students need them most. 

A few months ago, protesting students across California sent a powerful message to their college administrators and the California legislature that the college affordability crisis can no longer be ignored. By joining with them today, thousands of students across the country are taking a stand and telling decision-makers that it’s time to start listening.

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