Tell Congress: Support the Reconciliation Bill for Student Aid & Health Care Reform

We've heard a lot of words tossed around to describe the point and potential of passing comprehensive health care reform. Yet, as we hit the final stage, the only word that matters, the one that we must reiterate until this debate ends is this:


Fundamentally, that's what reform is all about. It's based on the acknowledgement that while government can't solve all of our problems, it should be able to help. 

Last week, Congress decided that student aid reform will be added to the health care reform package. This week, the House is expected to vote on that package. This bill will have double the impact for our generation by ensuring coverage for over 10 million uninsured young adults and investing $70 billion into making college more affordable.

That's right. This bill will take major steps toward delivering on two of the critical goals that brought so many of us to the polls in 2008: health care reform and college affordability.

This is a defining moment. This is it. Our chance to have the last word.

Make sure your representative gets your last word; tell them to support the reconciliation bill for young America.

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