Stop the BP Bailout

What would you say if someone told you that BP, the oil behemoth responsible for the tragic oil spill in the Gulf Coast, could legally get away with paying for less than 3.75% of the total damages? Who gets to pay the rest, you ask? Well, you and other taxpayers, of course!

Once again, oil drilling has proven to be the perpetrator of widespread environmental and human health devastation. And as the power of oil companies and other toxic polluters grows in Washington D.C., so does their greed and irresponsibility. Senate opponents of offshore drilling are expected to introduce legislation this week to combat these abuses by lifting the cap on companies’ economic liabilities for oil spills. Currently, those liabilities are capped at only $75 million, but the bill is expected to lift that cap to $10 billion.

Taking this action is not only about BP. Exxon-Mobil dodged cleanup costs for much of the famed Exxon Valdez spill. Valero is sponsoring an anti-climate proposition in California while hiding its own toxic legacy. Irresponsible corporations must be held accountable for the damage and destruction they cause.

Contact your Senators now and urge them to take action on this important issue.

Please personalize the e-mail with a quick message about why holding oil companies accountable is important to you  (i.e. I am worried for my brothers and sisters getting sick from inhaling oil compounds, we are taught to own up to and atone for our mistakes but corporate polluters aren’t, etc.)

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 Image Source: / CC BY-NC 2.0