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Barely two months are left to stop a war in Sudan before it starts. The clock is ticking loudly until the referendum that will determine if Sudan will remain united or if South Sudan will become the world’s newest independent country. The U.S. is playing a major role in the negotiations, in particular by offering a package of incentives to the ruling party in Sudan in exchange for real progress towards peace.

Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough is President Obama’s point person inside the White House on Sudan. Sign the petition below to let the Obama administration know that peace in Sudan matters to you, and that the US should set high benchmarks for progress that the regime in Khartoum must meet on both Darfur and South Sudan in order to receive incentives from the U.S.

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Dear Mr. McDonough,

Thank you for your continued leadership to bring peace to all of Sudan.

We support bold U.S. moves in support of peace. But we want to ensure that U.S. incentives are tied closely to verifiable and significant progress on the the North/South issues as well as on the ground in Darfur. It will be crucial to use U.S. incentives as a means of sequencing progress on specific issues, including holding and respecting the results of the referenda in the South and Abyei, coming to agreement on the post-referenda issues between the North and South, ceasing aerial bombing in Darfur, allowing full access for humanitarian aid and peacekeepers in Darfur, and concluding a comprehensive Darfur peace agreement with the major rebel factions and other groups that ensures the peaceful right of return of the three million people displaced by the Darfur genocide.

But just as the Obama administration needs to have a set of meaningful incentives on the table in response to peace in the South and Darfur, the U.S. must have an equally robust set of consequences prepared in case one of the parties plunges the country back to war.

Thank you for your consideration.

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