Ask President Obama to Help Stop the Violence in Sudan

A Note from John Prendergast and George Clooney

We've taken two trips in the last few months to the disputed region of Abyei bordering North and South Sudan. Throughout this time, we've been sounding the alarm that Abyei was likely going to be a flash point for violence.

Sadly, our concerns are now becoming a reality.

Over the past week, villages in the Abyei region were burned to the ground, and tens of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. In Darfur over the past few months, the U.N. has also documented aerial bombardment of civilians and burning of villages with tens of thousands of Sudanese driven from their homes.

We urge you to join us in acting before this violence leads to a full-scale resumption of war in Sudan.

Thanks to our Satellite Sentinel Project, we now have something we’ve never had before: satellite images that we can use to show the world, with indisputable proof, the systematic nature of violence targeted against civilian populations.

Last fall, when we traveled to the region and spoke with the citizens of Abyei, we heard the same message again and again: the people of Abyei were worried that fighting would erupt, and they asked for the United States and other countries to step in to help protect them.

Take a look at the Satellite Sentinel Project report, and join us in asking President Obama to take swift, bold action to help stop the violence -- in Abyei, Darfur and all of Sudan.

Thank you for your help to support the people of Abyei and all of Sudan at this critical moment.


George Clooney and John Prendergast

Dear President Obama,
Despite your efforts to help bring peace to Sudan, we are seeing escalating violence on the border between North and South Sudan, particularly in the region of Abyei. In Darfur over the past few months, the U.N. has also documented aerial bombardment of civilians and burning of villages with tens of thousands driven from their homes.
Based on recent images from the Satellite Sentinel Project and worrisome reports from sources on the ground, I am writing to implore you to take swift action:
1) Intensify efforts to end North-South violence, help create progress in North-South peace talks and revitalize mediation efforts on Darfur
2) Help ensure that those responsible for instigating and committing violence along the North-South border and in Darfur are held accountable for their crimes.
3) Review and as appropriate suspend US efforts to remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism based on a comprehensive investigation of the recent violence in Abyei
4) Create an interagency working group to develop specific and escalating consequences for anyone using mass violence to undermine peace in the South, Abyei, and Darfur and consult with our allies and partners on joint action
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1907 Fri Mar 18 10:09:48 EDT 2011 felicia Brown We are our brother's keeper.
1906 Fri Mar 18 00:05:00 EDT 2011 Elizabeth Saenger
1905 Thu Mar 17 23:49:56 EDT 2011 Anne Archer Southern Sudan finally has a chance for peace and to reach toward democracy. It is vital that we continue the pressure on Bashir and hold him responsible for the war crimes he has already committed if More....
1904 Thu Mar 17 22:58:35 EDT 2011 Anonymous
1903 Thu Mar 17 20:41:02 EDT 2011 Anonymous
1902 Thu Mar 17 19:39:19 EDT 2011 Norman Coppola
1901 Thu Mar 17 19:14:03 EDT 2011 linda wilhelm African people deserve peace and security to live life the best they can. At present, it is a nightmare for far too many
1900 Thu Mar 17 18:06:49 EDT 2011 Anonymous
1899 Thu Mar 17 17:45:42 EDT 2011 Robin Brown This violence must not continue. We have the influence and the means to do something significant in our world by stopping this violence. Please be a strong and positive voice to end the suffering of these More....
1898 Thu Mar 17 17:31:19 EDT 2011 Barry Moore
1897 Thu Mar 17 17:30:42 EDT 2011 Anonymous These people have suffered far too long -- please do
all that's in your power to give them a chance at a decent

Thank you.
1896 Thu Mar 17 17:20:56 EDT 2011 Anonymous
1895 Thu Mar 17 16:54:48 EDT 2011 Anonymous Please help these people, they have suffered so much.
1894 Wed Mar 16 16:14:09 EDT 2011 Sally Smith
1893 Wed Mar 16 00:04:14 EDT 2011 Lene de Neergaard Hansen I am from Denmark, but this is a concern to people all over the world.
1892 Wed Mar 16 00:00:16 EDT 2011 Anonymous Please support, strengthen, enforce and accelerate the advancement of global democracy, open societies, justice, liberty, civility, inclusiveness, diversity, pluralism, peace, harmony, freedom, multilateralism, More....
1891 Tue Mar 15 16:00:38 EDT 2011 Anonymous
1890 Mon Mar 14 08:55:55 EDT 2011 Gene Binder Please act before it is too late.
1889 Mon Mar 14 01:39:10 EDT 2011 Lenord Davis President Obama,
We know you have a lot on your plate. But please add more strong action to help stop the violence is sudan. My Yah give you wisdom on this and keep bless you in all matters.
1888 Mon Mar 14 00:02:46 EDT 2011 Deborah Gaffney
1887 Sun Mar 13 22:52:13 EDT 2011 Anonymous
1886 Sun Mar 13 01:29:07 EST 2011 Sharon Middleton My husband helped set up tents in Abyei to help people be able to vote to determine their own destiny- apparently, those people have now fled again. They have a RIGHT to live in peace. Please consider More....
1885 Sat Mar 12 20:27:16 EST 2011 Pete Klosterman
1884 Sat Mar 12 07:49:43 EST 2011 Tracy Schaal Dear President Obama, there are thousands suffering in silence and with your help, you have the power to change this, to end this violence and restore peace. We campaigned for you, we named our son after More....
1883 Fri Mar 11 22:03:51 EST 2011 Ginger Gooch I'm a Christian, and God cares about this stuff. He sees these people.
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