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Secretary Clinton: We Need a Credible Certification System for Congo's Minerals

Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem talks to Enough Co-Founder John Prendergast about the crisis for women and children in eastern Congo.

The need and momentum is growing for a credible international certification system to ensure that minerals in consumer electronics and other products are not fueling rape and violence in eastern Congo.

Ten years ago, a certification system addressing the trade in blood diamonds helped end wars in Sierra Leone and other West African countries. Similar systems have also led to significant progress in guaranteeing social and environmental standards through fair labor, forestry, and oil revenue transparency.

Now it’s Congo’s turn.

Call on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be a leader for certification now.

Read our Certification Activist Brief (PDF)

Dear Secretary Clinton:

The trade in Congo’s conflict minerals is one of the primary drivers of violence and instability in the region. Now is the time for the U.S. to be a leader in unifying efforts to create a legitimate mining sector that benefits the people of eastern Congo.

The momentum and responsibility derived from the passage of the conflict minerals provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform act last year requires further action and leadership from the Obama Administration.

Members of Congress, leaders of the private sector, and civil society groups are all taking action and agree that certification is a necessary next step to help stem the violence fueled by minerals in the DRC – and that the U.S. must play a leading role.

We call on you to convene a high-level meeting to bring together senior executives of end-user companies, industry groups, Congolese civil society, and regional political leaders to create a single, comprehensive international certification system. Your leadership is essential to driving consensus towards a transparent and credible process.

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5864 Mon Jun 20 12:47:03 EDT 2011 Matthew Lehr This is virtually impossible to keep track of as a consumer. Government action is needed.
5863 Sat Jun 18 23:24:11 EDT 2011 Kate Sugarman Profits from conflict minerals must not be used to fund killings. Please make sure there is transparency.
5862 Sat Jun 18 16:14:41 EDT 2011 Adam Davis It's the right thing to do.
5861 Sat Jun 18 03:41:27 EDT 2011 Anonymous
5860 Fri Jun 17 19:07:48 EDT 2011 Anonymous
5859 Fri Jun 17 17:27:51 EDT 2011 William Gorman
5858 Fri Jun 17 15:32:12 EDT 2011 Anonymous
5857 Fri Jun 17 14:32:26 EDT 2011 Rodney Jeffrey Our fellow human beings are suffering and need our help.
5856 Fri Jun 17 07:22:45 EDT 2011 Michael Kuntz
5855 Thu Jun 16 23:43:59 EDT 2011 Moises Almaguer God would stand against any greed, any violence, and injustice. So, I'd like to join Him.
5854 Thu Jun 16 22:44:54 EDT 2011 Anne Crane Dear Secretary Clinton,
We are counting on you to take strong leadership on this crucial issue.

Thank you,
Anne Crane
5853 Thu Jun 16 18:58:23 EDT 2011 Jill Willett
5852 Thu Jun 16 16:54:12 EDT 2011 Anonymous
5851 Thu Jun 16 14:42:14 EDT 2011 Anonymous We should not spend tax payer money to enhance dictatorship that is founded on Congolese resource. Stop buying mineral in a country that does not produce them, Rwanda.
5850 Thu Jun 16 12:36:03 EDT 2011 Anonymous
5849 Thu Jun 16 11:19:01 EDT 2011 Rael Nidess, M.D.
5848 Thu Jun 16 11:07:37 EDT 2011 Tyler Lane
5847 Thu Jun 16 05:28:35 EDT 2011 Steven Cocks
5846 Thu Jun 16 02:06:23 EDT 2011 Anonymous
5845 Wed Jun 15 22:20:14 EDT 2011 Sally Fisher
5844 Wed Jun 15 22:07:25 EDT 2011 Edward Stoddard
5843 Wed Jun 15 21:06:35 EDT 2011 Martin Hughes Collective action always requires leadership. This is an opportunity for the United States to lead by example.
5842 Wed Jun 15 19:37:43 EDT 2011 Anonymous
5841 Wed Jun 15 16:37:47 EDT 2011 Beth Gulczynski
5840 Wed Jun 15 15:01:00 EDT 2011 Nicholas Bodley
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