Take Action: Congress Cares More About Flight Delays than Struggling Families

On March 1, 2013, automatic and indiscriminate spending cuts, also known as the "sequester," kicked in, costing our economy what will ultimately be more than 1 million jobs and cutting essential services for millions of low- and middle-income families. As stories have poured in from across the country from those affected, we know the effects of sequestration are real, and struggling low-income families are paying the price.

Every day, people across America are seeing how sequestration is affecting their quality of life, safety, and ability to get ahead with no end to the indiscriminate cuts in sight. Last week, before leaving town for recess, Congress swiftly passed a bill to give the Federal Aviation Administration flexibility to keep the nation's airports running smoothly, leaving struggling families across the country wondering where they fit into Congress's priorities .

Two months into sequestration, there have been deep cuts to services that help low-income families pay their bills and put food on the table. Parents are unable to work because the Head Start program is no longer available for their children; a child with a disability does not have a teacher in his or her classroom; Meals on Wheels is cutting back vital food services for seniors; an expecting mother is not receiving nutrition assistance; and a family is losing its housing assistance.

Our vulnerable children, families, and seniors are every bit as important as passengers waiting for their flights . If Congress can act this quickly for air travelers, they can-and should-do the same for struggling families. It's time for Congress to replace the sequester with responsible deficit-reduction solutions. The piecemeal approach of fixing one problem at a time after public outrage soars does not help our struggling families. It does not help those still looking for jobs during this economic recovery, and it does not help our economy.

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