Take Action: Urge Your Member Congress to Remain Steadfast in Support of Nutrition Assistance

Funding for the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps)—a vital support for low-income families and children—is yet again a point of contention in Congress. The House Leadership just introduced a Farm Bill that excludes SNAP, leaving nutrition assistance for low-income people in the dust as the rest of the bill moves forward. This is a blatant act of political gamesmanship that leaves SNAP vulnerable to attack and abandons American families. The blending together of the multiple interests within the traditional Farm Bill is what has led to positive outcomes for nutrition assistance in the past.

It was just a couple week ago that, thanks to the actions and advocacy of thousands of Americans, the House failed to pass a Farm bill that would have cut $21 billion from the program, which would have eliminated benefits for nearly 2 million Americans and devastated families with children across the country who are struggling to put food on the table and make ends meet. We must make our voices heard again and urge our Members of Congress to remain steadfast in protecting SNAP and oppose a Farm Bill that doesn’t include nutrition assistance.

SNAP is crucial for low-income families. The program helps put food on the table for more than 47 million people on average each month - the majority of whom are children, elderly, disabled, or working poor. SNAP plays a vital role in keeping families living on the brink from slipping into poverty. In 2011, SNAP lifted 4.7 million people out of poverty, including 2.1 million children.

The program also benefits our economy-- every 5 dollars in new spending on SNAP generates 9 dollars in economic activity.

It is critical that we stand together to protect vital supports like nutrition assistance helping millions of struggling families and children across the country. Take action now to protect SNAP!