Take Action Today: Urge Your Congress Members to Renew Unemployment Insurance

Now is the time for Congress to restore unemployment insurance for struggling American families

Last week, due in large part to your calls and grassroots work, a bipartisan group of Senators reached an agreement to extend emergency unemployment benefits. More than 2 million unemployed Americans have been struggling for too long without this critical support. It has been devastating to them and their families, and also drained over $3 billion from our economy in January and February alone. The American people and our economy cannot afford for this to continue. The Senate should pass the measure quickly and the House should follow suit.

It has now been more than two months since Congress allowed emergency unemployment insurance to expire, leaving 2 million Americans without a vital economic lifeline as more and more families lose the ability to make ends meet. That’s 2 million Americans who have been left out in the cold, whose financial security, and in many cases their children’s financial security, are in jeopardy because Congress’ failure to act. 

By letting unemployment insurance expire, Congress has pulled the rug out from under millions of American families struggling to get on their feet and has hurt our economic recovery. Unemployment insurance remains a crucial protection for unemployed workers; it kept 2.5 million people, including 600,000 children, out of poverty in 2012. By definition, these benefits are for those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and who are ready, willing, and able to take a new job.

In this slow economic recovery, it is taking longer and longer for workers to find a new job and get back on their feet. The share of long-term unemployed workers is higher than ever before. Today, 38 percent of unemployed Americans have been out of work long term. It is both unfair and devastating to cut off these benefits at a period of such high long-term unemployment.

While profits at the biggest banks have bounced back to record highs, the economy is still not working for too many struggling families. Letting the extended emergency unemployment benefits lapse over the next year would cost us $310,000 jobs and slash economic growth. It already drained $3 billion from state economies in the first week alone after the benefits expired. We cannot afford for Congress to block this vital program that would support state economies and extend a lifeline for those looking for work.

Enough is enough. We need to build on the momentum of the bipartisan Senate agreement and urge the full Senate and the House to extend unemployment insurance immediately. Now is the time to take action!

Take action today to restore this crucial lifeline for struggling American families! Enter your zip code below to urge your members of Congress to renew unemployment insurance!