Take Action Today: Demand a plan to expand health care in Virginia

The Virginia government will shut down at midnight on June 30th unless the Virginia legislature passes an operating budget before then. The only sticking point in passing a budget is whether or not a deal can be reached on expanding Medicaid in the state. The Senate has passed a budget that expands Medicaid to 400,000 working Virginians who fall into the health care coverage gap, but the House of Delegates – led by Speaker Howell – has refused to come to the negotiating table and have decided to fight tooth and nail, up to and including shutting down the whole government, to avoid expanding health care.  

There is no reason or excuse not to expand Medicaid in your state and no reason to shut down the government to do so. Aside from covering 400,000 Virginians, including 25,000 veterans and their families, and resulting in as many as 987 fewer deaths every year, expanding Medicaid in Virginia means creating over 30,000 jobs and would be an overall boom to the state’s economy as it would save businesses money and increase household spending. By rejecting funds to insure more Virginians, the legislature is costing Virginia millions of dollars, risking the health of thousands of Virginia veterans, and jeopardizing jobs.

The bottom Line is Virginians deserve a government that works for them. Virginians should expect their elected leaders to stop putting politics ahead of the health care of 400,000 hardworking people, including 25,000 veterans and their families. Are conservatives in the General Assembly really willing to shutdown the government over giving health care to their constituents? The time to act is now—enter your zip code below to tell your Delegate to expand Medicaid in Virginia!