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An Attorney General Who Can 'Just Say No'

Alberto GonzalezSpying on Americans? Alberto said, "Yes, Mr. President."
Fire U.S. attorneys for political reasons? Alberto said, "Your wish is my command."
Torture? Alberto said, "Absolutely!"

Alberto Gonzales could not say "NO" to the president, no matter how unconstitutional or illegal the request. We need an attorney general who can stand up for the American people and say "No" when the White House tries to step on our rights.

Write to your senator NOW and demand they ask attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey if he would have said "no" to these policies:

  • Warrantless Wiretapping
  • Blocking Investigations into the Warrantless Wiretapping Program
  • Torture
  • Firing the U.S. Attorneys
  • Politicizing the Department of Justice
  • Presidential Signing Statements

February 23, 2019



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