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Congress is currently considering a plan to cut wasteful government subsidies to student loan companies, and use the $87 billion in savings to make college more affordable. Among other things, the plan would invest $40 billion in the Pell Grant program and lower interest rates on some student loans.

This would represent the largest federal investment in higher education ever, but the fight to reform the health care system has meant that the student aid bill hasn’t been able to get the headlines and air time that it deserves.

Unfortunately, loan company lobbyists are using the lack of attention as an opportunity to put pressure on Congress to save their wasteful subsidies at the expense of students and their families. They have already spent millions lobbying against proposal, and have even hired Qorvis Communications, a high powered and controversial public relations firm, to run a campaign against real reform. 

Young people must be heard on this issue, and writing a letter to the editor is a quick and effective way to add to the debate. Newspapers publish some of the letters that they receive, and, even when letters are not published, editors do make sure to cover the issues that they know their readers care about. To double your impact, we will also make sure that Congress gets your letters.

Three Simple Hints for Letter Writers

1. If you have a personal story about college affordability, make sure to include it in the letter! Make sure to mention if you are a student, parent, recent graduate, etc.

2. We have included a sample letter and some talking points, which you will see after selecting a newspaper,  to help you craft your letter. Feel free to use them, but the more you personalize your letter the more likely it is to be published.

3. Keep it short and simple. Try to focus on one topic, and keep the letter under 250 words.

You can change the debate:  prove that the pen is mightier than the lobbyist!

Use the tool below to write a letter to the editor of your local newspapers about the importance of making college more affordable. 

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