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Tell Your Rep: Strengthen & Pass the Climate Bill
Congress Votes Friday

On Friday, the House is voting on the American Clean Energy and Security Act (the Waxman-Markey bill, HR 2454), the first climate bill to have any chance of getting congressional approval.

Our generation - and our world - needs America to take action on the climate crisis, but the current bill falls short of the reforms we need. We must make it stronger, and now is our chance.

Write a message below to your Representative now to demand that they support strengthening amendments to the climate bill that:

Hold polluters accountable by restoring the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate coal plants

Increase investment in green jobs and in protecting vulnerable communities against the impacts of global warming

Improve the renewable energy standard to create more clean energy jobs. 

Thank you!

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May 21, 2019


Dear Representative,

We will add your signature from the information you provide.

Please personalize the e-mail with a quick message about why solving the climate crisis is important you

(i.e. I don’t want the house where I currently live to be underwater, I am worried about farmers in my area due to increasingly severe droughts, etc.) 

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