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Congress: I Urge You To Support H.R. 3962

This weekend the House of Representatives will vote on their health care bill, H.R. 3962 The Affordable Health Care for America Act. Some Representatives are considering voting against reform and some are fighting to weaken the bill. Our Reps must hear from us today and answer our call to support comprehensive health care for all Americans.

With young adults making up one third of the uninsured population, we have the most to lose from Congress’ failure to bring real reform to the health insurance system. We are being left out of employer coverage options, kicked off of our parents' insurance plans as we turn 19 or graduate college, and are being crushed by rising health care costs. We can’t afford to be silent and let opponents stand in our way.

Tell Congress: The health care crisis is young America's crisis. I need coverage that is affordable, competitive, comprehensive, continuous and fair. I support H.R. 3962 because it contains costs, ends discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and gender, includes a public option and extends coverage for me under my parents' plan until age 27. I urge you to vote for this legislation.

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May 21, 2019


Dear Representative,

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